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@kokken.id x @omou_official LIVE FROM JAPAN — WORKSHOP: DIY Aromatherapy Roll-on & Bath Salt |

Thinking of a different activity you can do to unwind, relax and cope with this new normal?

This time around, we are collaborating with our dear friend, Hisako Kobayashi, the founder of @omou_official to introduce the world of Aromatherapy — Essential Oil in particular. 

Participants will learn the basic of using essential oil and how to incorporate them into daily lives to enhance health & wellness. At the end of the session, participants are expected to be able to create their own essential oil blends and customize a roll-on, as well as bath salt with the DIY kit packaged in a box provided by @pourie.co 


• 5mL Peppermint EO

• 5mL Lavender EO

• Lavender Dried Flower

• Calendula Dried Flower

• 50g Sea Salt

• 50g Epsom Salt

• 5mL Grapeseed Oil

• and a special gift: Essential Water 60mL

This 1.5-hour online (via ZOOM) workshop is great for those, who are new to essential oil. It allows for a hands-on, interactive approach to see how simple and affordable it is to use essential oil to support the well-being of your family and help to provide soothing relief from stresses, strains, and exhaustion.